5 Inc.


Unathi Golithethe - 31 years old, South African, single mother, entrepreneur
Winnie Joe - 35 years old, from Zimbabwe, mother and sole provider to 4 children
Febe Masibanda - 25 years old, South African, single mother to 1 daughter
Bulelwa Mtshozi - 30 years old, studying Occupational Health and Safety, single mother and provider to 2 daughters

5Inc is a socio economic project development company lead by Yasmine Meimiec, working with disadvantaged communities. Yasmine teaches individuals (predominantly women) and groups in these communities to create sellable products from waste material such as wood, paper, disposable coffee cups, old pvc banners, and fabric offcuts.

The products created are then either sold by 5Inc and the proceeds paid to the individuals on the projects, or sold by the communities themselves, Through these projects, the people we work with learn that waste can be used as a resource, their creativity is unlocked in that they often develop products beyond what we show them, and they have an ongoing means of generating incomes.

For the paper beads order we worked with 5 ladies in an informal settlement called Durban Deep in Johannesburg. (left)

Each of these ladies have been involved in projects with 5Inc since 2018 and, although they don't work full-time for us, they make a variety of products on an ongoing basis which are sold either at flea markets or as corporate gifts, thereby earning themselves additional incomes.