Gloria Hendricks


Hello there my name is Gloria Hendricks,

I am a 65 year old woman who loves being involved in community work and have spent most years of my life serving the community I reside in through my late husband's church and the programs we have run from it over the years.

Last year my husband passed away and I found myself with very little to fill my time with. A few months after my daughter Cheri received an amazing opportunity to design and create handmade jewelry for Shop Consciously!

She needed some help with the manufacturing of the pieces and I gladly jumped in and assisted her.

My late husband and I were always keen creatives and it gave me much joy to help Cheri to produce her very first official collection and send it off to the USA!

I never would have thought that she would be offered a second collection and that I would also have the opportunity to make my own collection of knitted headbands and scrunchies too.

This project has proven to me that despite our age we can still accomplish new things and find new ways of earning an income. The Shop Consciously project has filled a place in my heart and I am so thankful for that!