Samke Mtshali


Samke Style is a brand that designs and manufactures authentic genuine leather shoes and accessories. The brand was established in December 2016 by Samkelisiwe Mtshali who is passionate about timeless pieces and designing. Those who create timeless style need to be unique in character is our motto. This isn’t something I learned in the school of design, It comes from the neighborhoods and my surroundings where the non-conformists live.

After 7 months of researching I then realized I can manufacture handcrafted leather accessories locally.

In May 2016 I went on a girls vacation to celebrate a friend's birthday, where spent 3 nights in Las Vegas and 2 nights in New York. After taking a nice walk with friends in the streets of New York my passion for designing just sparked, those big lights really inspired me. One of the things that inspired me the most was how everyone on the subways was rocking nice comfortable and above all stylish shoes. In my mind I was thinking, I want to bring this culture back home to Mzansi.

I then left my job after 14 years in the corporate environment just to pursue my passion.

And that's how Samke Style was born. Our goal is to be the best footwear manufacture in the continent. Our mission is to manufacture timeless pieces (leather accessories) that will keep our customers begging for more. Each piece is manufactured in SA and bears 100% local content.

We love what we do and we put passion in our work and we put passion to each and every style we design. These are not just shoes these are our babies.