Cheri Mooney

Earrings & Bracelets

My name is Cheri Mooney I am the proud owner and artisan behind CheLoveAccessories. I am a 33 year old woman, wifey, mommy, daughter (all of the roles women play right?) Since the start of 2021 I have added one more role which I am so proud of and that would be being a business owner!

I believe I was born with the ability to use my hands to make things and have shown an interest in creating from a very young age. My late dad was aGoldsmith before furthering his studies to become a full - time pastor and missionary. My mother on the other hand was always knitting or sewing. So it was natural for me to want to create. One of my first ever achievements was selling homemade doughnuts to pay for my learners license!

Earlier this year I found myself throwing around ideas on how to grow our income as a family. I have always wanted to start selling my handmade items but have never had the confidence or financial backing to start up. I could not believe my ears when Mpho approached me asking if I would like to sell some of my products on Shop Consciously. I said yes even before thinking anything through!

Shop Consciously has changed my life! I could never have dreamt that I would be selling my products let alone selling them in the USA! I enjoy making each product from design to finish, and I promise each piece is made with love and care. I did the first collection with the help of my husband (who is a member of the Police Force here in South Africa) and my mom who has been staying with us since my dad passed away last year. However with the Fall 2021collection I have been able to employ three other individuals who do not have jobs! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be able to help others!

All I can say is thank you Shop Consciously for your support! It really has made a difference in my life and that of my family and now people in my community.

My dream is to continue growing my accessory business and to be able to permanently employ people who do not have jobs in my community.